Take your cause to the streets

Why do we take to the streets?

The world over, the streets have brought voices to causes, helped find their community of supporters & funded impactful change.

At TeamStreet, we are reclaiming The Street beyond just a geographical space, as a mind-map that guides organizations towards long-term sustainability and impact. We work with you to co-create realistic and achievable fundraising plans across a spectrum of giving which includes the street.

Strategic Ideation

Controlled Implementation

Achieve Desired Outcomes

Hello there, we’re TeamStreet.

We are a newly formed fundraising organization
focused on providing end-to-end fundraising solutions for non-profit organizations in India. Our long-term aspirational goal is to present a viable fundraising solution that addresses the funding needs and requirements of various organizations & civil society groups.

We work in close collaboration

Our team is experienced in building & managing large-scale fundraising processes & has worked for credible non-profit organizations for years. Our aim is to promote an ethical story-based fundraising model that caters to one & all.