TeamStreet was set up with a vision to support organizations in raising resources that enable them to do impactful and meaningful work. We are committed to making development organizations sustainable by having access to donors who believe in their ability to make a change. Using innovative and reliable fundraising frameworks we acquire, retain, and upgrade donors. We equip organizations to create donor experiences that will engage them deeply in the change-making process.

We believe in successful partnerships for sustainable fundraising. Our fundraisers on the ground do extraordinary work, inspiring thousands to support causes they care about and agree on the core principle that all donors must be engaged and valued during the course of their journey.

We are specialists with niche skills in social cause marketing and have delivered time and again stronger ROIs, better retention, accurate income growth, and successfully changed the fundraising dynamics from transactional to transformational. In the past two decades, we have successfully planned and implemented various organizational development plans efficiently, recruiting & retaining the right talent and enrolling quality donors with pre-planned onboarding and carefully designed engagement cycles for long term giving. We have done that by adopting technology and embracing smoother and faster methods of securing recurring members. Through digital presentations and the art of storytelling, we confidently pitch regular gifts that result in long term committed givers. We have carefully captured, assessed, and analyzed large volumes of fundraising data across the market to predict trends in giving across the region, age, gender, giving patterns, and retention rates. We were able to register exponential growth year after year in overall market revenue by following the basics of individual giving. Our secret to success has been through effective intervention and promoting a culture where sign-ups are the by-product.

The word ‘IKIGAI’ refers to having a direction or purpose in life, which makes one’s life worthwhile. It is when an individual takes spontaneous and willing actions giving them satisfaction and a sense of
meaning to life. Inspired by this philosophy we decided to start TeamStreet Fundraising Solutions as Fundraising has been our Ikigai and it’s the only thing that we are passionate about. We are a professional group of ethical, driven, and experienced fundraisers who enjoy fundraising and have dedicated our lives to onboarding committed donors helping organizations become financially sustainable.