Our work + what we do

Backing your cause

In our experience, every nonprofit faces its own unique challenges. TeamStreet believes in assessment, collaboration and delivery. Our team will work closely with your team to understand your fundraising needs, assess the strengths and needs of your organisation and build unique strategy, implementation plan and services suited to your growth. We also support nonprofits with setting up individual fundraising functions and provide talent training at all levels.

Strategic fundraising consulting

Our senior-most experts assess and advice nonprofits on long-term planning and growth strategies. We follow an immersive approach wherein we actively participate in an organization’s growth journey.

We diagnose current internal and external fundraising operations and processes to suggest effective ways to gain and retain more supporters, adopt tools and innovations for seamless operations and data-backed decision-making as well as improve internal team structures to talent-pool to help you achieve year-on-year growth.

We provide clear fundraising projections and a comprehensive overview over the next 3-5 years, with detailed plans broken down into core activities and tasks across income streams.

Our expertise spans to all areas of fundraising from individual giving to philanthropic contributions.

Capacity building

Strategies don’t work without strong processes, teams and operations. We support nonprofits to set up new teams and functions from scratch as well as help train and upgrade existing talent and functions to deliver better results. We have spent more than a decade building and developing large fundraising teams across income streams and building a culture that helps each one realise their true potential in an emphatic, progressive, and professional environment.

Face-to-face fundraising and telemarketing

We have a team of experienced face-to-face fundraisers and telemarketers located in major Indian cities who can amplify your cause and bring in high-value supporters. In accordance with an organisation’s vision, mission and ethos, our fundraisers adopt your organisation’s cause as theirs and handle the end-to-end journey, from onboarding to retention.

We also support organisations with database management and analysis. We are driven by processes, protocols, and SOPs which originate from the long-term vision to enroll quality donors with strong lifetime values.

Digital fundraising and tech integration

Digital will be the next frontier for fundraising everywhere with its potential greatly highlighted today.

We help organisations build digital strategies from the ground up as well as enhance current digital operations. We find the most effective way to integrate digital into your larger fundraising strategy. We also help blend digital with face-to-face fundraising to create a stronger, no-hassle process.

We support in early audience analysis, SEO audit and strategy and running campaigns on various digital platforms. We specialise in commissioning customised integrated CRM platforms like Salesforce which are user friendly for efficient data management as well as employ other tech interventions to strengthen your fundraising.

Donor retention and happiness

We aid in designing impactful donor journeys and communications strategy to help you retain and delight your donors—from individual givers to major donors. Our telemarketing team is also equipped to answer donor queries, complaints and resolve issues and also encourage updates, referrals and advocacy. Our strategy can help create donor happiness that can eventually turn donors into champions.

High-touch custom support

We no one size doesn’t fit all. With our team’s diverse expertise, we try to find a custom fit between the nonprofit’s needs and our own capabilities and expertise within and beyond the above mentioned categories. As senior members who have headed teams at reputed nonprofits before, we understand the strained resources in nonprofits and don’t commit to anything that we can’t deliver with added value.

Fundraising Infrastructure

We specialize in commissioning customized integrated CRM platforms like Salesforce which is user-friendly for efficient data management and supporting organizations in developing their digital capabilities. Additionally, we support Database Management & Income Processing for NGOs along with benchmarking & critical analysis of KPIs.

Fundraising Culture, Values & Leadership

We conduct value add training and team bonding activities for organizations to focus on the larger goals and collaborate to achieve them.